Roofing Replacement

We’ve been installing roofing, siding, gutters, & more in Taylors, Greenville, Greer, Mauldin, and rest of the metro Greenville area for years.

We’ll install your roof the same way we installed it on my mom and dad’s house . . . some of these pics are from my mom and dad’s house!

We’ve recently changed our name from Roofing Experts to Forward Contracting.

We’ve been growing.  Our name now reflects the services we currently provide; Roofing, Siding, & Gutters.  While those trades are our primary focus, we also offer services for Painting, Decks, & Stucco.

Everything we sell, we’ve personally been trained for and installed ourselves.

We have the experience, reviews, and pricing you’re looking for.

Our Credentials

GAF credentials - Forward Contracting

 BBB Rated A+

Home Advisor Top Rated


This is how we’re going to install your roof.  It’s better than current building code, and by installing roofs this way, you get GAF’s lifetime, factory backed Systems Plus warranty.

GAF system plus logo

Materials are placed in the driveway the day of installation (as close to the roof as possible)


We have our own dump trailer, It leaves when we do!

We've got our own dump trailer

Tarps are used to protect perimeter and A/C units

tarps protect the perimeter of your home during roofing process

Rotten decking is replaced

1st two sheets are free, each additional is $34 (OSB), $42 (Plywood), $3/ft (1×6″)

Everything good has a great foundation!


Ice/Water Shield installed in valleys and transition areas

GAF ice/water shield installed in valleys and penetrations


Ice / Water Shield installed around chimney and all protrusions

GAF weather-watch

GAF Pro-start starter shingles installed on the entire perimeter of your home

GAF pro-start starter shingles on rakes and eaves

GAF Synthetic Felt installed.  It’s 25x stronger than 15# felt

Shingles installed to manufacturer specifications using 5-6 nails per shingle

proper shingle installation

Single plastic boots fail

single pipe boots fail

Rain Collars extend boots life

rain collars help protect pipe boot underneath from suns rays

Step-flashing & Kicks installed properly move water where it’s supposed to be

move water where it's supposed to be

Counter flashing added where shingles meet brick

proper counter-flashing

Drip edge installed on rakes / eaves

keep the water where it belongs


Current Ventilation is Corrected

slant backs installed to far down the roof

Ridge-vent installed Debris will fall into attic space!

debris will fall in attic

Cap shingles hand nailed to ridge

Cut up 3-Tab shingles are never used as cap for architectural installs

we don't use 3-tab for cap or starter

GAF premium ridge-cap installed

GAF Timbertex American Harvest - Golden Harvest

We will never do this! (use field shingles for starter)

roofing no-no part 1

Or this (toe-boards)!  All our crews have ropes and harnesses

roofing no-no part 2

Satellite dishs installed wrong voids the shingle warranty

this usually rots the wood underneath

Gutters blown out

blowing out gutters

Grounds are cleaned & swept with magnets!

We have families to, so we clean like your kids run around your yard barefoot!

we get 99.999% of nails

Extra Notes

GAF’s Systems Plus Warranty extended at no additional cost to any homeowner


A Project Supervisor will be assigned to each job to answer questions, take pictures,

and assist with the crews work-flow by getting any materials they may need.


We’ll handle all insurance supplemental paperwork if there are any shortages on

measurements or line items missing from their scope.

roof replacement for Taylors, Mauldin, Greenville, Greer, Travelers Rest, pg 27

roof replacement for Taylors, Mauldin, Greenville, Greer, Travelers Rest, pg 28


The End!

success baby!



If you’ve got questions about any part of this . . .

Give us a call!